An open letter to Congressman Nunnelee

Dear Congressman Nunnelee,

Members of TEA Party Oxford congratulate you and Senator Wicker on your re-election. We extend good wishes to you and both our Senators during these forthcoming years, so crucially important to our country.

Needless to say, we are disappointed that, by re-electing Mr. Obama, the majority in this country has assured that we will see four more years of negligent leadership. We worry that this will only further exacerbate the transgressions of the last four years, chief among which are:

  • Disregard for the Constitution and the law in favor of absolute control behind closed doors,
  • Wild escalation of the debt through unchecked spending, on-going increases in the debt ceiling, massive increases in the size of government, and the expansion of the welfare state (Obamacare) on the backs of hard working Americans,
  • Destruction of the national economy through class warfare, and more and more job-killing, liberty-robbing regulations,
  • Promotion of a secular culture that is eroding the Judeo-Christian foundation given to us by our founding fathers, and
  • Dismantling of the national defense, through weakening and demoralization of the military and disregard for immigration control.

For sure, Congressman, you understand why we are filled with despair. However, despite our desperate situation, WE WILL NEVER THROW IN THE TOWEL EVEN THOUGH THE CARDS ARE STACKED AGAINST US!!!! Rather than fight back against everything all at once, let us at least begin with economic/budgetary issues.

We stand behind the notion that each person should work and earn one’s own livelihood and that work carries with it great dignity. Many young people in our country work hard and then, after years of struggle, make it to where their incomes rise to $250,000 or more. Their success should be respected–NOT PUNISHED. Taking money from one segment of the population to redistribute elsewhere is an outgrowth of Marxist radical left ideology, not sound economic and fiscal policy.

Therefore, WE STAND FIRMLY AGAINST ANY INCREASE IN TAXES!!!! Please put on your armor against the assault that will surely come from Obama and his forces. They will accuse you, denigrate you, and vilify you. That is their style. Do not cave in. Please be an advocate for our cause and fight whole-heartedly against all tax increases.

Furthermore, WE STAND FIRMLY IN SUPPORT OF DRASTIC SPENDING CUTS!!! It is simple. We all must live on a budget. The federal government does too. Don’t mortgage our children and grandchildren’s future because you lack the courage to stand up to the big spenders in Washington.

These spending cuts must not come at the cost of national security!There are no sacred cows and we must be willing to cut back everywhere, including the Department of Defense. These cuts should be applied towards wasteful projects and international aid. We cannot afford to give money to countries that hate us!

If nothing works, do not cave into the tax and spend policies of Obama; go over the cliff! The cliff was cleverly constructed to strong-arm conservatives into compromising our dearest values. Stand firm! The liberals are betting that we will blink first. If we compromise now, we may avoid a temporary disaster, but we will lose our country!!! What can be worse than losing our freedoms? Obama is determined to shape a new America rather than adhere to the U.S. Constitution he swore to uphold.

You, Congressman Nunnelee, and our two Senators Wicker and Cochran, are our only hope at this very discouraging time in our nation’s history.  We are watching your actions during this crucial time and will remember them when we vote again two years from now.

Sincerest good wishes,

TEA Party Oxford

Richard Baird, Water Valley

Cal Bowen, Oxford

Brooke Bowen, Oxford

Sue Cook, Oxford

Dave Dyke, Oxford

Ray Garrett, Oxford

Glenda Griffith, Water Valley

Jeffrey Jones, Oxford

Dr. Glenn R. Parsons, Oxford

Ruth Steyn, Oxford

Dolores Swann, Oxford

Suzanne White, Oxford

Please comment below to add your name to the list!

All interested residents of Oxford and Lafayette County are invited to attend the next meeting of TEA Party Oxford at the Chancery Court building at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, January 22.

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3 Responses to An open letter to Congressman Nunnelee

  1. Larry Cobb says:

    Larry Cobb, Oxford

  2. Cheryl Parsons says:

    Cheryl Parsons, Oxford

  3. Larry & Rachel Bell says:

    I can tell there was some valuable time used in drafting a letter of this magnatude and I think it reflects the feeling of most of the people who are still Americans. Good job. Larry Bell

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